Water Experiments Electromagnetic Fields Heat Exchanger Fridge Experiment
Water towers

Water Experiments

Water only
Energy flowing to ground at 1.248 Vac

Heater on
Energy flowing to ground at 30.39 Vac

Water only
Energy flowing to ground at 2.5 Vac

Heater on
Energy flowing to ground at 29.5 Vac
Water only
A glass of water experiment
Energy flowing to ground at 0.652 Vac
Heater on
A glass of water experiment
Energy flowing to ground at 10.38 Vac
Water only
A glass of water experiment
Energy flowing to ground at 0.4 Vac
Heater on
A glass of water experiment
Energy flowing to ground at 9.4 Vac

Experiments show that water could be conscious of electrical fields around or within.
Analogue and digital multimeter were used in the experiments.
photograph the experiment, we used a wooden table draped with white paper. In the picture it is clear that the glass is not connected to the larger mass of water, yet there is a connection

The flood lights raised the voltage in the water from 0.5v to 1.248v, which was noticeable on the meters.
We moved the cables and lights as far away as possible.
The meter, - (negative) is connected to an earthing rod in the ground.
A stainless steel dome at the rear of the tank is connected to the meter + (positive).
We used a titanium probe in the glass, connected to the meter + (positive).

Using a 200 watt heater.
The electrical field increasing in the larger mass of water can be measured in the glass.
Readings from the glass reflect the change in the larger mass of water.

The Earth evolves in consciousness and every living being, on or within the Earth, from insects to people and tadpoles to whales. This is true for water. Could water have a consciousness?
I believe this to be true.

A homeopath can change water to a higher vibration using a very small electrical charge. Water holds this as a memory. The person then drinks this charged water which can change a person's balance from negative to positive and positive to negative, love to anger, anger to love, depending how it was charged. This is also explained in Masaru Emoto's books.
How are we effecting human as well as aquatic life with high electromagnetic fields oscillating at incoherent frequencies, from pumps, filters, heaters, and what is on top of our water towers, etc?

Water towers

My experience has given me a deeper understanding of what is happening to the water, in our water towers.
In my understanding water companies have sold or rented the rights for transmitters to be placed on top of our water towers. The transmitted frequency could be incoherent and affecting our water supply, which could affect people in many negative ways. As shown in the experiment the large mass of water affected the water in the glass.
If water can hold this incoherent frequency, we can understand how it can affect the water within us, our bodies being  is approximately 75% water.

Does water have a consciousness and memory?
Masaru Emoto has intimated in his books (see below) that water may have a memory.

We need a deeper understanding, respect and love for water,
The giver of life.

Recommended reading.
Water, Electricity and Health
By Alan Hall
ISBN 1-869890-94-9

Viktor Schauberger
Books by Collum Coats about Water and Viktor

Message from Water 1, 11, 111
Masaru Emoto
ISBN 4939098001, ISBN 493908044
Web site

Johann Grander, The Water Wizard from Tyrol

On the track of Water's Secret
From Viktor Schauberger to Johann Grander
ISBN 3-901626-03-4

Masaru Emoto of Japan has made some amazing discoveries working with frozen water droplets and photographing the crystal patterns. His books, beautifully explain, with pictures, the effects we have on water.


Electromagnetic Fields


The following abbreviations are used in the text.


EMF  = Electromagnetic field
Vac   = Volts Alternating current
DC    = Direct current
GFI   = Grounding fault Interrupters
Hz     = hertz
PME = Protective multiple earthing
RCD = Residual Current Detector


Tests have been carried out in a 600-litre aquarium, to study the flow and energy of water.


How do we create a natural environment in aquariums and supporting systems?
How could there be man made AC volts in the water ?
How do AC electro magnetic fields change water?
How does water like to flow?
How does Mother Nature support the flow of water?
How do rhythmic cycles affect aquatic environments?
How we can arrange piping so water does not flow in a straight line

Water does not flow in a straight line, it twists and turns, spirals within spirals, left and right.
This is how water revitalizes itself.

Aquariums and ponds which are man-made (plastic liners for ponds and glass for aquariums) are unearthed. Could man-made substances be acting as an insulator to the subtle electrical fields of the earth? In nature there is a natural connection between water and the earth.

I placed a probe in the water that was connected to a resistance meter that was in turn connected to  the earth grounding rod outside the house. The reading was unstable and the meter was showing the presence of an AC electrical field, 11.2 to 11.8 volts AC.

How could there be AC volts in the water?

Days were spent testing to prove or disprove my findings. The equipment being used was also checked for its accuracy. Another qualified electronics engineer checked my equipment and the readings taken and agreed they were correct. He disbelieved the results not understanding how there could there be AC volts in the water.
Using his own equipment repeating the test as well as new ones, he confirmed it to be true.


We went through the house turning off appliances, lights, heating, etc. to see what effects it would have on the meter readings. There were a few minor spikes (surges) until we turned off appliances near the aquarium. This made a big difference to the readings. Next to test were the two circulating water pumps for the aquarium. When switched off, the meter reading went down to 0.50 Volts ac instantly.
Every electrical device in or near the aquarium was then turned off 24 hours. A probe was placed in the water and connected via an analogue multi meter to the earth grounding rod outside the house. There was a constant reading of 0.5 volts ac. The reason for this was to discharge the water of any charge for 24 hours. After this period the reading had dropped to 0.4 - 0.3 Volts ac. The next test was to switch on the two circulating pump filters and the volts immediately rose to 11.2 - 11.4 Volts ac.
We started to understand that any power source and appliance in or near the aquarium had an effect on the water by changing the AC volt reading. By holding an electric drill near the water the AC field could be measured in the water. The largest reading came from the pump filters and internal heater.
The two pump filters were returned to the supplier and sent away for testing. Two replacement pump filters of the same make were loaned to me. The test on the replacement pumps showed higher EMF in the water of 15.4 volts.

Using the AC field in the water we were able to charge a 12v battery

The field discharging from the water was 15.4v. Connecting a probe from the water, through a two way rectifier to convert from AC to DC we were able to charge a small flat 12v battery from 1.2v to 8.5v.


There is a danger of being electrocuted when coming into contact with water that has electricity flowing through it.

Insulation tests on both pump filters

The pump filters were filled with water and flash insulation tested. One probe was placed in the water and the other connected, in turn to the earth pin, negative pin and positive pin of the 13amp plug. 2,500 volts ac was applied for two minutes. They both passed the safety test. Despite this test, the two pump filters were still radiating AC fields in the water. At this point the decision was made to return them to the manufacturers who performed similar tests at 3000 ac volts. Both pumps passed the safety test. They first denied that their filters radiated AC fields into the water. Later on admitting my findings to be true. This has been confirmed in writing.

Investigation into how water flows through pump filters

I do not use power heads or power filters and will explain why.
Pump filters
Most modern aquatic pumps and pump filters are designed with the water passing through or around the 50 or 60 Hz electromagnetic motor windings. In the centre of the windings is the strongest field.
Power heads
Placing power heads in the water is not a good idea because the effect is two-fold.
The first effect
The water sees the high AC fields as it flows through or near the centre electromagnetic motor windings of the power head.
The second effect
Placing power heads in the water, the EMF around the outside of the motor windings (power head) will radiate out into the water.
This is why AC fields are present in the aquarium water.
As the water passes through or around the motor windings, it is changing the polarity 50 or 60 times per second, causing decay in the quality of the water.
I discussed this with a friend who also keeps marine life and  he has also noticed a strange line appearing at the water's edge around the top of the tank. He also found he was unable to keep some aquatic species. Could this be the reason why?

An under gravel heater and one pump filter gave us a reading of 77 Vac. Some systems have two vertical or under gravel heaters, UV lights and two pumps, 4 to 6 power heads, and more.
Generally the water is vibrating at 50 hertz, which is an incoherent frequency for our fish to live in. 

When you put your hands into the water, how do you know it is safe?

Specialists around the country and retailers at the Northampton Koi Show, have confirmed feeling a tingling sensation on their fingers when touching the water. People with sensitive skin or cuts will feel it even more. Placing your hand into the water with your feet on the ground, provides a flow path to earth (ground).
If you have faulty equipment, the mains will take the path of least resistance. That could be you.
The grounding dome connected to a GFI with an earthing rod provides a path of least resistance. Any electrical system faults will take this path, rendering the water safe as well as you.
GFI is faster than a low milliamp RCD circuit breaker.
GFI is electronic (GFI = 10ms)

When my aquarium is unearthed algae builds up thinly in a matter of three or four weeks. Cleaning the aquarium takes about four hours.
With the aquarium and filter pump earthed, in contrast the water stayed sparkling clean. Even the texture and the sound of the water was different. Algae would build up slightly for about four weeks, then die back and then start again. The aquarium has done this for three consecutive months.
I sampled a glass of aquarium water, which tasted better than my tap water.
I believe what we are looking for is the natural rhythmic cycle of the planets in our aquariums.
(More to follow)




When earthing (grounding) an aquarium, it is very important not to use insulated wire in the water. The flow of electrons can cause a capillary action (siphon) which could draw the water up the centre cores and down the wire into the 13amp plug/socket. This could be very dangerous.

Many experiments were carried out to find the ideal shape and material for earthing and providing a path for this AC field to flow. Rather than use a PME (Protective multiple earthing) earth. Best results were obtained with a dome shaped probe using the appropriate material plus an earthing rod in the ground.

I would welcome feedback from fish-keepers in marine or freshwater on their observations of their aquatic environment, grounded or ungrounded to help my research into a more harmonious environment for aquatic life as a whole.

Fridge Experiment

This is easy to make and is shown in,
'how to do steps'.
Your fridge will be more energy efficient.
 Can save you money and good for the environment.


The fridge freezer has been covered at the rear with aluminum foil, the same that is used behind house radiators. This is stuck with double sided tape. The foil reflects the heat away from the fridge and increases the efficiency of the fridge.


Under counter Fridge and Fridge freezer modes
Spacers, (25mm long) have been added to allow more air to move round the heat exchanger.

Under counter Fridge and Fridge freezer


The plastic cover at the top and bottom of the heat exchanger has now been removed to allow more heat to escape.
The cost to mod the fridge and freezer was about five pounds, both are working less and saving me money.
 Any work on your fridge can void your grantee.
Please see important note in red bellow .


Fridge freezer
Free energy from a fridge
`Low Carbon Energy`






This is a standard fridge/freezer purchased from a well-known electrical appliance retail outlet for  an experiment, reclaiming wasted heat and energy, Saving money.

Inserted at the back of the fridge is an insulation panel to reflect the cold temperature back into the fridge and deflect the heat from the element.
A second panel of the same material is placed on the top of the fridge and works the same as the first.

 Soft plastic spacers were used to maintain the gap between insulation panel and fridge element.
Small spacers have been inserted between the fridge and the element to create the space needed for the insulation panel.

Insulation materials used are: plastic coated aluminium foil (inorganic) and tree-fibre board (organic). All available from building suppliers.
The fibre board is wrapped completely in plastic coated aluminium foil and sealed with aluminium  tape.
Any alteration to your fridge or fridge/freezer can invalidate the shop and manufacturer's guarantee. It is recommended that this operation  is carried out by a qualified engineer.

Test results from fridge experiment

Date kw/h

Total Kw/h used in  Days    

kw/h used per day

Manufactures figures (395 Kw/h/y)

24/01/2006 0.3   0.3 (approx 1.082191 per day)
02/02/2006 3.3

10 days  

0.3 10.82191 Kw/h     10 Days
12/02/2006 6.6

20 days

0.4 21.64382 Kw/h     20 Days
22/02/2006 10.2

30 days

0.4  32.4657 Kw/h     30 Days
04/03/2006 13.1

40 days

0.6 43.2876 Kw/h       40 Days
14/03/2006 16.6

50 days

0.4 54.1095 Kw/h      50 Days
24/03/2006 20.2 60 days 0.4 64.9314 Kw/h      60 Days
02/04/2006 24 70 days 0.4 75.7533Kw/h      70 days
13/04/2006 24.3 80 days 0.3 86.7552Kw/h       80 days



Heat Exchanger
Fridge Heat Exchanger
Free Energy.
Low Carbon Energy
 Silver plated Copper coil


                                     Free Energy                                               Over unity


The energy from the fridge (heat) flows into the top of the exchanger (the black tube), though the copper coil then returns to the fridge.

The water flows through the clear plastic tube and into the bottom of the exchanger, around the coil where heat is transferred and flows out of the top.

The water used is from my aquarium. Each time the fridge works, it heats the water of in the aquarium. The fridge is more efficient and we are getting free heat and a good Cop (coefficient of performance)
(free energy or over unity)

In passing, it could have an efficiency of 300% or more, being a heat pump.

Test results = 140 kw/year



Aquarium Heat Exchanger

How to make the heat exchanger using Stainless Steel.

Aquarium Water Heater

Aquarium Water, Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is mounted on my house, central heating boiler. Fitted on the outside of the inner case, near the pilot light. It is mounted  this way, so that it does not interfere with the workings of the boiler and is safe. Please consult a qualified heating engineer. Water is pumped in at the bottom and the top is the return to the aquarium. The pilot light is on 24/7 and could save on the heating costs on my 1200 litre aquarium.
The unit is on test, results and more information to follow

The pictures, images or drawings are copyright protected. 羚nt>



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