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snail vortex implosion generator heater pump

Implosion Research

Water Revitalization

Viktor Schauberger once said,
 "Let nature be my teacher."

Water Revitalization
water's natural life force energies

Implosion is the art of Nature.
Water spirals left and right, turning in on itself. I have watched this motion at the River Findhorn  in Scotland.
This is how water revitalizes itself.
As I turn in on myself I create again and again.

Water Implosion generator




Water Implosion Generator, Multi-Dimensional


This device is used for water revitalization.
Mimicking natural cycles turning in on itself,
as used on my aquatic water experiments.
Humanity needs to understand water's natural life giving energies.


 Vortex (Snail)

Water Vortex in the form of a snail.
Counter-clockwise for the northern hemisphere.

Snail Shell

Snail Shell Heater Clamp
The Design is based on the snail shell, thermal currents and latent heat.

Water Implosion Heater

Snail Vortex, Heater Tube


Thermal Vortex Tube.
Latent Heat Generator.

The water flowing around the snail is lifted above the incoming water and starts a natural vortex.
Friction is decreased, reducing the load on the water pump.
As the water vortexes up and around the heater, natural thermal currents are generated and latent heat occurs at the top of the tube providing additional heat.
During tests,the need for heating was greatly reduced, thus creating an Energy Saving  Device.


Next Stage

 An Archimedean Spiral (not pictured) to be fitted at the bottom of the generator tube.

  Remove the aquarium heater and replace it with a Water Heater Exchanger of the same size to be connected to domestic  heating and, or the Water solar system,



Water Implosion

Jelly fish and the Golden Spiral

I started looking for a different way of pumping water, letting Nature to be my teacher.
 Some years ago I was drawing geometric shapes on my computer, when I realized that jelly fish used the same form. Some time later I read an article in `New Scientist`, 23 October 2004 about Vortex Drive and how Jelly fish swim through water. The pictures were similar to my drawings.


Jelly fish Toroid
Jelly fish swim curving their girths in on themselves This motion generates a mirror image of itself, in the form of the Golden Spiral, in a 360 degree triode in the water,
I am looking for Natural way, that is in harmony with the Earth and The Universe, to pump water, without using electric motors or power heads.
The Universe has a natural wave ( rhythm, frequency ) it is known by the Veda, as the universal (cosmic tone)

Ascending Spirals

Golden Spiral in action


Clover formation

Nature  shows the shape of a four leaf clover on top of this Jelly fish  According to legend, The leaves represent sequentially hope, faith, love and luck,.
My hunch tells me there is some thing more to understand.

What is message from Nature, represented in the Golden Spiral and the shape on this Jelly fish?

This section is under construction


The pictures,  images or drawings are copyright protected 羚nt>.



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