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Natural phenomenon magnetized water Blessing Water Shirodhara

New Aquarium construction.

The aquarium stand is made of Mahogany and will support 2000 Litre's of water, this equals 2000 Kilos in weight and the Aquarium glass is 550 Kilos, plus a table top that is 2 1/2 inches thick also made from Mahogany, another 75 Kilos, plus rocks, plants and fish.
The top joints, where you can see the stainless steel domes all have two 16mm stainless steel dowel pins to clamp the joints and hold the frame steady. The dowel pins are bonded into the cross beams and key locked.
 Aquarium dimensions are 9ft x 3ft x 3ft
I would like to thank C.M.I. Joinery for all the help and support.  cmijoinery@hotmail.co.uk



The base frame has many functions.
To hold the legs firmly in position, the legs are keyed and bolted to the base frame, thick plastic blocks are used to spread the load to all cross beams and shelf inserts. The base frame is machined out for the fitting and bonding the many shelf inserts, this is to give extra bonding, support to hold the frame square and to support the weight of the sub tank.
The sub tank is a
Corrugated Plate Separator (see below) the same size as the base frame.
Water Cress and similar plants will be planted between the corrugated sheets to filter the water. Plants for the aquarium and food for the fish.
I am copying nature as much as possible.


The aquarium stand was fitted together as a trial assembly to test stability and do all the parts fit, this will now be disassembled, All parts finally sanded and yacht varnished. 


Stainless steel domes are used to spread the load and support the mahogany. In the picture you can see a dome with a pin inserted. This is to tighten the dome, then the pin will be removed.

Mahogany legs finished, this shows the top holes for the dowel pins and the bottom keyway for the base frame.
The leg foot is larger, this is to spread the load and support the weight. Stainless steel rings are shrunk on the feet to prevent the mahogany from splitting.

"Observe and Copy Nature"

Water and the flower of life.

In nature water is free to flow, This is my attempt to allow water to do so. I have used form, water flowing in right and left spirals, figure of 8, Sacred Geometry and The Flower of  Life.
I have use open ducting, about thirty meters long, on each side, stones placed at various points to allow water tumble over and aerate. In time moss will grow on the stones, this will also add energy and nutrients.   (like a river)
Revitalize the Natural Energies of
Water, with Nature.

Viktor Schauberger first concepts were brought on by studying trout fish in their natural environment.
He was quoted as saying:

"How was it possible for this fish to stand so motionlessly, only steering itself with slight movements of its tail-fins, in this wildly torrential flow, which made my staff shake so much that I could hardly hang onto it? What forces enabled the trout to overcome its own body-weight so effortlessly and quickly, and, at the same time, overcome the specific weight of the heavy water flowing against it?"

These questions inspired further investigation to study the force that allowed such effortless natural motion. Viktor's conclusion led to his theory of natural vortices.

Viktor's second major theory was in the structure of water. He believed that water is at its densest at +4 Degrees C튠 (water anomaly point) (also at  full moon), there are many layers in the structure of flowing water.
He claimed that nature creates vortices to create an equilibrium.

I now have a deeper understanding of what Viktor Schauberger was talking about.
His motto was: "Observe and Copy Nature".
I will do the same.



Corrugated Plate Separator

The Water filtration system for my Koi Carp Aquarium.
The filter tank will sit under the main aquarium, made of 15mm (5/8") glass,
636mm (25") Wide X 2209mm (87") Long X 400mm (15.7) Deep. Volume will be 421.4 Litre at 300mm deep, this will leave 100mm for over flow.
The support tubes are slotted plastic pipes and bonded to the bottom glass, to hold the corrugated plastic sheet in place. The sheet can easily be removed for cleaning. 
When water flows along a river it is filtered by plants, reeds etc. and allowed to breath, this is vital to water because of the minerals in plants and the energy of the Air, this revitalizes water.

Watercress is a super food

Water Cress and similar plants will be planted between the corrugated sheets.
Watercress is nutrient rich perennial herb found in abundance near springs and alongside slow running water ways. This aquatic plant has been in cultivation for its food and medicinal uses for hundreds of years.
For more information I have given some links.



600 litre


 Aquarium water treatment
Aquarium filtration unit in closed position and guide runner mounted on the middle door.
 White oak stand.


Aquarium filtration
The idea is to extend the aquarium filtration unit, for cleaning and change media, while the system is still working.

Beam pump and lights fitted

Beam pump, working

 Healing Crystals and Stones have been used in my aquatics.
Rose Quartz, Generator Quartz, Rock Crystal, Amethyst, Slate, Volcanic rock, Ocean  energized pebbles.

1000 Litre


Lighting fixtures are made from soapstone, this mineral holds the heat the longest out of all natural stones. The heat flows up the tube and is drawn down to four round loud speaker air ports at the bottom, using a small computer fan. This free heat is used to partially  heat the house.

Water energizers

Water energizer in the shape of a ball, mimicking a fruit; i.e. an apple. Water flows in the top around the fruit, back to centre, then out at the bottom.
The white container has the Flower of life geometric shape on the side and is filled with Grander water.


 Blessing Water

The white container and the Flower of life.
We need to understand water's natural life energies.
Water is a loving gift and supports all life.  I was looking for a way to thank and Bless Water. Then an idea came to me, to play high vibration sound in the form of mantras. This is beautifully explained in the form of Water crystals in Masaru Emoto books," Messages from Water."
On this web site, the experimental page explains how Water can be influence by electro- magnetic fields, negatively and positively. The same is for sound,  all being vibrational  waves, incoherent and coherent. I  used an mp3 player and placed the headphones on the side of the white container, containing Grander Water, then loaded  the list below. The music is played (24/7) Day and Night to revitalize water.

Gandharve Veda

`From Dusk to Dawn`, Subroto Roy Chowdhury, Ragas on sitar and tabla

Shri Vishnu - Vishwa Niyanta
Shri Vishnu Sahasranam Stotram, Shri Vishnu Ashtottar Shatnamavali,
Shri Achyutashtakam
The 1,000 Names of Vishnu, i.e. the 1,000 qualities of Vishnu. Each name refers to a quality of consciousness. Gandharve Veda
music enlivens these coherent qualities.

Shri Mahadev- Karuna Sagar
Shri Shiv Sahasranam, Stotram, Shri shiv Ashtottar Shatnamavavali, Lingashtakam.
All Devatas including Shri Brahma and Shri Vishnu Shiv Ji seeking blessing, compassion and lasting peace from Him. Even with simple prayer, He very kindly bestows every possible fulfilment to his devotees.
This is 1,000 qualities of Shiv Ji. 


Crystal river

Crystals used are, Amethyst, Rose quartz and ------
Mimicking Nature
Pictures to follow



 Water revitalization 

Magnetic water energizer
 Energizer and filter tubes.

Magnetite filter energiser tubes
Made from acrylic

 Vortex generator
Imploded water

Top ring support

Water Inlet port

Intensifying water's natural life energies
The tubes can be filled from the vortex generator up to the inlet port, with stones or crystals, about 20mm in diameter. The idea is to mimic a river, water flowing over natural mineral, stones.

We have used a natural mineral called magnetite which is magnetic.
When water flows over the minerals, it sees both north and south polarities. 

Water does not flow in a straight line, twisting and turning in spirals to left and right.
This is how water revitalizes itself.
We can arrange our aquatic pipes to allow water to flow naturally like a river, twisting,  turning and in spirals.



Natural phenomenon

This natural phenomenon was witnessed by us at Telephone road, Ventura California USA.1979
We lived in an apartment on the right hand side of our road and on the left side were miles of unlit fields containing vegetables.
Our sitting room faced the fields and  late one evening I could see amazing lights in the sky. I quickly grabbed my camera (canon AE1) and went outside into the darkness, I crossed the road heading towards these lights which were only little higher than  two trees to the left of me. I was amazed at the beauty and shape of this pattern of lights that were no more than thirty feet in front of me and approximately thirty to forty feet high. Many strands of light were coming from the ground to meet it. It was a beautiful sight, but the pictures are slightly degraded as they were taken in 1979.To take the photographs, I rested the camera against one of the trees to hold steady and took three photos, one of the trees to the left is in view. I looked around to see if anything else could be generating this light, the answer was...`no`, not even the moon or any aircraft.




Light Descending on Earth






Many thanks for your interest.

This page is currently under construction!

The pictures, images or drawings are copyright protected  羚nt>.


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