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Golden Spiral Research


Rain Water barrel | Water Wheel | Crystal River | Rain Water Filter | Carbon Water Filter

We send love to waters around the earth.
We bless water, the giver of life.
 We thank water with gratitude.
We thank water for quenching our thirst.
We thank water for healing our body.
We bless the water elementals
Bless you Water

Crystal River

Rain Water barrel | Water Wheel | Crystal River | Rain Water Filter | Carbon Water Filter

How to make a Crystal River
The crystal river is placed on top of the aquarium.
Give some thought to where the water is flowing in and out, and the position of your lighting system. "It is important not to over heat the Water".

Draw the shape you would like on 20mm mdf board (this is the template)

Cut the shape out with a jig saw or band saw.
Keep the piece you have cut out as you will need it to form the banks of the river, in plastic.

You can lay the stones or crystals in the cut out to see if  the energy is balanced.
The Crystals I have used are, Amethyst, Rose quartz  -
more pictures to follow

Crystal River Aquarium

Viktor Schauberger had a wonderful understanding of water, the energies of water and how water revitalized itself. Many books have been written about Viktor. In my opinion the best are by
Callum Coats, Alick Bartholomew and Olof Alexandersson.
All three writers have explained in words and pictures how water likes to flow and revitalize itself.
My understanding was only from books but I wanted to see this for myself.
One Day I had the opportunity to go to Scotland and stayed at a wonderful house with the River Findhorn nearby. That evening I went for a walk to find the River and returned many times.  Watching the Water, I could see for myself and  understand what Viktor had experienced.
My main interest was in the subtle energies of Water, seeing right and left hand spiral vortexes appearing and disappearing. This is when the idea came to me. How to mimic nature and energize the Water like a river.
A Crystal  River on  top of my aquarium glass, shown above .


Rain Water Barrel

Rain Water barrel | Water Wheel | Crystal River | Rain Water Filter | Carbon Water Filter

 Water's natural life energies

Water Butt Tap
Oak Water barrel, with seven stainless steel bands,
representing the seven rays of light and the seven chakras. The barrel is made to the Golden spiral ratio. Diameter = 1, Height = 1.6180339 to the top of the cylinder. 1200lt's.

Water Butt Top
The top is made with slats of oak at  an angle of 51.42 minutes. Same as the Great pyramid. Then covered with hemp, which is a high energy material and easy to work.  A recommended supplier is the `House of Hemp`.

Water Barrel
A stainless steel label is fitted to the top of the barrel, with a written blessing to water.

Oak Water Butt
A Kalash is installed on top of the construction as a final piece according to `Vastu` principles

Rain Water filter

Rain Water barrel | Water Wheel | Crystal River | Rain Water Filter | Carbon Water Filter

How to do steps

Proposal for collecting rain water
 I have used rain water instead of (RO) reverse osmoses Approximately 3 years. Some of the best RO units will waste five Ltr's of  water to get one Ltr for your aquarium for which you need to pay. Rain water contains no added Chlorine, Aluminium soleplate or Fluoride and it is free. When water falls from the sky as rain it is charged with energy. It is this energy that feeds the plants, trees and flowers and is a gift from nature. I have been able to achieve a natural balance in my aquatics and increase the health of fish.

The filter can be made as shown.

All these items can be purchased from a good plumbing store.

Carbon Water Filter

Rain Water barrel | Water Wheel | Crystal River | Rain Water Filter | Carbon Water Filter

 The water filter was made for two reasons. (first) An aquarium is a closed loop system  and I wanted to mimic nature and have an open system, water is collected in the water butt, this is now placed by the outside wall, very close to my aquarium. I have used a double socket cover plate to mount the filter unit, two eheim taps and tubing. The filter in mounted on the inside wall of the house to prevent the water freezing. The top tap is the main shut off for changing the filter cartridge. The second tap is to control the water flow.
My aquarium water evaporates at a rate of 25 liters per week. The second tap is set to a slow drip to replenish the 25 liters and the sub tank then will overflow at the same rate, this water goes onto my flower beds.
Harvesting rain water and working with Nature.

Water Wheel

Rain Water barrel | Water Wheel | Crystal River | Rain Water Filter | Carbon Water Filter

How to build a Water wheel,
Implosion technology

Water Wheel

Golden spiral water flow.
Water's natural life energies

As the wheel rotates, the water flows round the inside of the spiral, turning in on itself at the bottom, causing the water to spiral in a counter clockwise direction much like the waves on a beach.
with further rotation of the wheel, the water now flows around the outside of the next spiral and flows into the water that is rotating in the opposite direction. This is like two magnets of the same pole repelling each other i.e. North to North or South to South. This creates a greater force to rotate the  wheel.

A spiral of the golden ratio

Ratio 1 : 0.6180339

`Low Carbon Energy`

Golden Spiral Water Wheel
 Arranged in a circle, create an effective Wheel

The pictures,  images or drawings are copyright protected ©.


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